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Distribox standard design represents 9 boxes in cooling section for fresh grocery placed on the left side and 9 non-cooling boxes on the right side of the dispensing box. 

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individual parts of the box

In the inner space of the box there is one sector for chilled grocery, which is isolated and supplemented by an active cooling system (from 2°C to 8°C according to settings), so that quality of the grocery won’t change in any way, and another sector for other goods that don’t need to be cooled. The sectors are separated by a central communication part.

Every dispensing sector has 9 cabinets, which are protected by electromagnetic lock. Every cabinet opens after entering right PIN code or barcode.

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central part

Used for communication with customer or with the operator through barcode reader and numeric keyboard with text display (20× 4 symbols).

Central part can be supplemented its own payment terminal, which will allow the payment of goods directly at the point of issue.

Other element, that will customers like is storage stand, lower compartment for storing or hanging the bag and hands disinfection machine.

Whole dispensing area is lighted with energy-saving LED luminaires with three lighting modes. Without lightning, 1/2 lightning and full space lightning.

Furthermore, the dispensing space of the Distribox is protected by a tempered glass roof.

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Smart dispensing box for grocery and shopping is developed and manufactured by a Czech company 3iD.

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